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How to Take Good Photos of Your Dog

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Dogs can sometimes be impossible to take a photo of. They’ll be running around and moving all over the place when you take a picture, or sit and be still when you don’t have your camera or phone with you. And once you do, they never want to project at you or the camera. Bummer.

While we all take selfies once in a while or get photographed, dogs aren’t used to having an object look at them on the face. And they aren’t a fan of looking at themselves on the mirror all the time to train. But there are certain ways you can make your dog project to you or the camera for that perfect moment to be captured. Let’s take a look at some of them.

1. Let them be acquainted with the camera

The physical sound of a click and the light of the flash can put them off. Before you try again, have them get acquainted to whatever camera you will be using. Don’t let them have it though because they might destroy them. Just let them sniff at it. Take a few shots so they get used to the clicking sound. You can also attempt the flash. If you are using your phone, you can also put it in silent mode so it doesn’t make any clicking sound when you take a picture.

2. Take a great deal of pictures

This is the first law of photography whatever the theme or case might be. It’s no rocket science really. If you take a lot of pictures, then the greater your chances are of getting the best one. If it is your mission for the day to take a lot of pictures of your dog in several places, then bring with you an extra battery for your camera, or a power bank for your phone.

3. Use natural lighting

Natural lighting is always amazing. It has never failed to get a good shot. Amateurs and beginners should also opt for natural lighting because you need not worry about the light when you take a picture. If you are inside, you can let the light in by opening the windows or even just the curtains, or the door. If it’s night time, then you’ll need more light around or use the camera’s flash. Again, your dog will not like it, but with good training, he or she will get used to it.

4. Be creative

Don’t be afraid to change up some things. If you don’t like the way things are going or if you like the way your dog’s pictures are registering, go make some changes. Also, be creative about it but don’t get all too hung up on getting everything to be perfect. Fussing over it might ruin your chance of altogether getting a great shot. The best shots are sometimes the spontaneous or candid ones.

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